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Queer Coronasutra, or, How to have promiscuity in a Pandemic

By Eng-Beng Lim for Bunker Bloggers “We are able to invent safe sex because we have always known that sex is not, in an epidemic or not, limited to penetrative sex. Our promiscuity taught us many things, not only about the pleasures of sex, but also the great multiplicity of those pleasures.” — Douglas Crimp, […]


Queer Genealogies (Provisional Notes)

By Keguro Macharia I am seduced by the prospect of queer conference panels. I anticipate their erotic charge, their intellectual promiscuities, their fleshly abundance—so many queers in one space. I crave their sustaining energy, which enables me to inhabit less queer-friendly and distinctly queer-hating spaces. So I arrived at the MLA panel, “Queer Theory Without […]

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Bullybloggers on Failure and the Future of Queer Studies

On March 26, 2012, Gayatri Gopinath at NYU convened a panel of queer scholars to discuss “Failure and the Future of Queer Studies.” Using Jack Halberstam’s new book, The Queer Art of Failure (Duke, 2011) as an occasion to think about negativity, failure, anti-disciplinarity and other bully-ish topics, the panelists all provided commentary on the […]

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“Educational Values” versus “Educational Value”

by Brian Eugenio Herrera Mark Taylor’s call to “End the University as We Know It” proved most disappointing for its shockingly naïve (or cruelly disingenuous) echo of a previous higher education manifesto published several years prior:  the notorious  “A Test of Leadership: Charting the Future of U.S. Higher Education,” authored by The Secretary of Education’s […]