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The #Orlando Syllabus

Eng-Beng Lim

Orlando victims-collage-first-slide

Week 1 From Gender to Gun Performativity

Butler, Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity

Think Gender is Performance: You have Judith Butler to thank for that!


Week 2 Surviving Killabilities

Gender” (Halberstam) and other relevant keyword entries “Race,” “Sexuality,” “Militarism,” “Brown,” “Queer,” “Empire,” “Religion.”

Jose Munoz, “The Future in the Present: Sexual Avante-Gardes and the Performance of Utopia”

After Orlando, Middle East Research and Information Project

LGBT People of Color refuse to be erased after Orlando

American Ugliness: Queer and Trans People of Color Sat “Not in Our Names”

Chelsea Manning, “We must not let the Orlando nightclub terror further strangle our civil liberties”

Start Making Sense Radio Program, “Life and Death in Gay Orlando”

“He’s Not Done Killing Her’: Why So Many Trans Women Were Murdered in 2015.

Queer Suicide: A Teach-in

Malik Gaines, We Are Orlando

Transgender man forced into clothes and jail for women settles with Toronto police

Understanding HB2: North Carolina’s newest law solidifies state’s role in defining discrimination.

Former Minuteman Militia Leader Found Guilty of Molesting 5-Year Old Girl


Week 3 Laughing at Masculinist Rage, Corruption and Mass Shooting

Helene Cixous, The Laugh of the Medusa

Audre Lorde, “The Uses of Anger”

Donna Haraway, Simians, Cyborgs, and Women

Chela Sandoval, “New Sciences: Cyborg feminism and the methodology of the oppressed

#SayHerName: why Kimberle Crenshaw is fighting for forgotten women

Wendy Brown: How Neoliberalism Threatens Democracy: YouTube video

Puar and Rai, “Monster, Terrorist, Fag: The War on Terrorism and the Production of Docile Patriots”

Charlotte Hooper, Manly States: Masculinities, International Relations, and Gender Politics

Jacques Derrida on “phallogocentrism”

“I’m a gay man. Don’t use an attack on my community as an excuse for Islamophonia”

US House Oks Koch Bros Bill on ‘Dark Money’ Election Donations

Overcompensation Nation: It’s Time to admit that toxic masculinity drives gun violence


Week 4 Getting Toxic and Terrifying

Considering Hate, Whitlock and Bronski 1-71

Cairo, and our comprador gay movements: A Talk

Toxic Masculinity in the U.S Gun Phallocracy

The Hypermasculine Violence of Omar Mateen and Brock Turner

Terror Begins at Home

Toxic Masculinity and Murder

Student Op-Ed: Toxic Masculinity

Understanding Toxic Masculinity: Why Defending Men Isn’t Enough (a conservative take)

The Under-Discussed Role of Toxic Masculinity

Viet Thanh Nguyen, “Bob Kerrey and the ‘American Tragedy’ of Vietnam”


Considering Hate, 71-147

What the actual f*ck is going on with the Oakland Police Department?

Gun control’s racist reality: The liberal argument against giving police more power

UCLA Shooting suspect identified: Thoughts on Race, Violence, and Graduate Studies

Two Dead in UCLA

Berkeley gunman kills student taken hostage

25 years later: Henry’s hostage crisis remembered

Drag Queen: Anti-Gay Terrorist Omar Mateen was My Friend

Sullivan, “Troubled. Quiet. Macho. Angry. The volatile life of the Orlando shooter.”

Police: Man who killed singer Christina Grimmie was ‘infatuated’ with her

James Downs: Stop saying Omar Mateen was gay

“Lebanese band Mashrou’ Leila tackles homophobia, Islamophobia on U.S tour

The perception of Asian dads and masculinity

“While Press Fawned Over Cops Guarding LGBTQ Bars, NYPD Charged Orlando March with Horses”

Racist at vigil sends online message

Queer, Muslim, & Unwelcome at the “New Stonewall”


Week 5 Empire, Trump

Andrew Hewitt, Political Inversions: Homosexuality, Fascism, and the Modernist Imaginary

Lisa Lowe, “The International within the National: American Studies and Asian American Critique”

Klaus Theweleit, “Male Bodies and the ‘white terror’” 143-269, Male Fantasies Vol 2

Trump says, ‘Ask the Gays,’ Gays make him regret it

Aaron Belkin, Bring Me Men: Military Masculinity and the Benign Façade of American Empire

Amy Kaplan, “Manifest Domesticity”

Amanda Taub, “The Rise of American authoritarianism

I can’t stop watching this bizarre, terrifying and beautiful Trump ad

The braggart with the ducktail who would be president

Meet the shock troops of Trump’s America

As Britain Mourns MP Jo Cox, Her Killer Is Linked to Neo-Nazi National Alliance and Pro-Apartheid Club

Activity among white supremacists continues to surge

States of Incarceration: The Global Context 2016

A journalist went to a Donald Trump rally yesterday and came back shocked. Here are his tweets

How not to study Donald Trump

If more guns make America safe, why did Trump ban all guns from the GOP convention?

American Horror Story

A Note from Mike Davis about the Second Amendment


Week 6 Orlando

Junaid Rana, Terrifying Muslims

Paricia Hill Collins, Black Feminist Thought

June Jordan Papers

Sarah Haley, No Mercy Here

Disney and Orlando: Creating the Happiest Place on Earth.”

Shanghai $5.5 Billion Disney Officially Opens

Gunman Pledged Allegiance to ISIS (titled changed from “Orlando nightclub shooting: 50 killed in ‘domestic terror incident’ at gay club; gunman identified”)

Orlando massacre was “revenge”, not terrorism, says man who claims he was gunman’s lover

The massacre at a Mexican Gay Bar that no one talked about

Orlando Victim says Shooter tried to spare black people: he said black people had suffered enough

Hoax: Canadian Prime Minister and opposition leader share kiss to denounce Orlando massacre

The worst mass shooting? A look back at massacres in U.S. history

How G4S incubated the homophobic hatred or Orlando’s IS Terrorist

Blood Ties: Queer Blood, Donations, and Citizenship


Week 7 Gun Phallocracy: Colonial and Capitalist Deadlocks

Taussig, “Culture of Terror, Space of Death. Roger Casement’s Putumayo Report and the explanation of Torture.”

Chong, “Look, An Asian!” The Politics of Racial Interpellation in the Wake of the Virginia Tech Shootings

1000 mass shootings in 1260 days: this is what America’s gun crisis looks like

The NRA’s Complicity in Terrorism

The gay rights movement could take on NRA, and actually win

The Next Time Someone Calls an AR-15 an assault rifle, show them this

The Orlando massacre was one of 43 shootings yesterday

Why the Orlando Shooting Is Unlikely to Lead to Major New Gun Laws

Stop the gun violence: Ban assault weapons

I was able to buy an AR-15 in five minutes

After Sending ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ to Orlando GOP House Chair Blocks LGBT Protections Bill

Strict military gun control should be our model

We need a radical movement for gun control

NRA Tells Parents to Keep Guns in Kids’ Rooms For Safety

The NRA’s Response To The Orlando Shooting Needs to Break the Pattern

Since Sandy Hook, a gun has been fired on school grounds nearly once a week

Connecticut’s Senators, Who Know Something About Gun Violence, Blames Congress for Orlando Slaughter.

Breaking: Senate Blocks Gun Control Measures and Accomplishes Nothing After Orlando Shooting

NRA-Owned Senate Just Told American People to go F*uck Themselves on Guns

Brock Turner and Me

Republicans Are Erasing LGBTQ People From Their Own Tragedy

The Democrats are Boldly Fighting For a Bad, Stupid Bill

The Use of Error-Prone and Unfair Watchlists Is Not the Way to Regulate Guns in America


Week 8 Performance & Patriarchal Pathologies

Bechdel, Fun Home

Tennessee Wiliams, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Munoz, “The White to Be Angry”: Vaginal Crème Davis’s Terrorist Drag

California pastor celebrates massacre at Orlando gay club

No Way to Prevent this”: says only nation where this regularly happens

Halberstam, “Mackdaddy, Superfly, Rapper: Gender, Race, and Masculinity in the Drag King Scene” and Female Masculinity

Sylvia Plath reads “Daddy

Diana DiMassa, The Complete Hothead Paisan

Split Britches, Belle Reprieve (feminist lesbian adaptation of Williams’s A Streetcar Named Desire)

No reason is a reason: Zabar’s customer accidentally shoots self while ordering bagel


Week 9 Queer nightlife: safety, joy, erasure and complacence

Ramon Rivera-Servera, “Quotidian Utopias: Latina/o Queer Choreographies”

Christina Handhardt, “Broken Windows and Blue’s: a queer history of gentrification and policing”

I was Born On the Dance Floor: A Playlist for Pulse

I knew 17 who died in Orlando

More than a Safe Space: The Meaning of the Queer Latin Dance Night

Gay Space Cannot Be Straight Women’s Safe Space Until It’s Safe for those who are gay

One kiss and 50 bodies: The Orlando shooting is a reminder that gay people are still hated

Only when I am dancing can I feel this free

Richard Kim, Please Don’t Stop the Music

In praise of Latin Night at the Queer Club


Week 10

Please add to Week 10 of the syllabus with your suggestions of a rubric, book chapters and articles in the comment section below. In solidarity #orlandosyllabus 


13 replies on “The #Orlando Syllabus”

Thank you, Eng-Beng, for this. I’m only going to post a few Spanish language references, which, in this case, I think are important. The Puerto Rican press has done a good job, recently, of covering, and other parts of Latin America have also been producing a lot of good work on #Orlando. (I don’t know if these links will work, but):

Juliana Martínez on why the shooter is not a monster:

Hugo Córdova Quero for Pulse, on intersections and violence:

Liliana Viola for Página/12, on hate and reactions:

Santiago Castellanos for El Comercio, an interview on difference:

Yoryie Irizarry for 80 grados, on contextualizing violence:

Javier E. Laureano for 80 grados, on the Latin American dimension:

Cezanne Cardona Morales for El nuevo día on homophobia in Latin America:

Joseph M. Pierce for Revista Anfibia on the Sunday at Stonewall:

Marta Dillon for Revista Anfibia on the kiss that sparked it all:

(Revista Anfibia has actually collected 10 essays/crónicas about Orlando: PDF:

Love this syllabus! Here’s another one to add: Horacio Roque Ramirez, “Mira, yo soy Boricua y estoy aquí: Rafa Negrón’s Pan Dulce and the Queer Sonic Latinaje of San Francisco,” in CENTRO: Journal of Puerto Rican Studies (2007).

Thank you for the care that you have taken collectively to put this together. I am a poet and Member of the Faculty at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, where I direct its Writing Center. I have two contributions to share:

“Requiem for Orlando,” a poem that has been circulating on FB and has reached some pockets of the LGBTQ community in Orlando, and an essay that is forthcoming in _Works in Progress_, a progressive Local Olympia social justice newspaper, “Walt Whitman, Orlando, and the Pulse of Justice.” I am not sure where to send them for your consideration for inclusion on the syllabus. Please contact me if interested.

With gratitude, sly


Beauty and faith in / as the face of terror:
Muslim – Arab – South Asian Queer Performance

– Kareem Khubchandani

Joshua Takano Chambers-Letson and Elizabeth W. Son, “Performed Otherwise: The Political and Social Possibilities of Asian/American Performance,” Theatre Survey, 54 (2013) pp 131-139.

For Gay Arabs, A Place to Dance, and Break Down Walls:

Omme-Salma Rahemtullah, “Bollywood in Da Club: Social Space in Toronto’s “South Asian” Community,” The Magic of Bollywood: At Home and Abroad. Ed. Anjali Gera Roy (New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2012), pp: 234-53.

Rahim Thawer, Did This Drag Queen Go Too Far?:

Bijli (Dir. Adnan Malik, 2003):

The Queen of My Dreams (Dir. Fawzia Mirza & Ryan Logan)

Sari, LaWhore Vagistan ft. Auntie Kool Jams:

Marc Boucai, Narrating Normal: Arabs, Queers, Neoliberal Spectatorship, 2013 (UC Berkeley):

The Pulse Shooting and Pride through a Different PrYSM:

What Does the Koran Say About Being Gay?:

The Empire of Sexuality: An Interview with Joseph Massad:

Mohammed to Maya (Dir. Jeff Roy, 2012):

Mashuq Deen, I Am Trans:

Jasbir Puar, Towelheads, Diapers, and Faggots: Reviving the Turban:

Drone by Kazim Ali:–day—drone-kazim-ali/86129124/

Torture porn:

Khusbhoo Gulati, My turban is Not a Fashion Trend:

The Hindu in the Northwest:

Deleted facebook photo of a gay Sikh kissing a man sparks debate on Sikhism and LGBT Rights:

Loins of Punjab Presents (Dir. Manish Acharya, 2007) (Available on Netflix & Amazon streaming)

Looking at Wafaa Bilal’s Domestic Tension:

How to do things with hair:

A Life In a Poem – Ifti Nasim (Dir. Dustin Nakao Haider):
(currently suspended till Dec 2016 – worth the wait!)

Bad Asians:

Thank you for this resource.

Please don’t take this as a criticism of your work, as I intend it rather to be more critical of the news media than anything else, but I find it troubling that for all that has been written on this tragedy, very little of it seems to be about the victims. I have read, over and over, the same stories about the shooter (not surprising, as focusing on him furthers various political agendas), but when it comes to the victims, it is more than a little disturbing that I have found more material on Donald Trump’s (typically inchoate) responses to the event than discussions of the victims of the tragedy.

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