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Darth Vader and Occupy Wall Street: A TwitterEssay by Ira Livingston

1. There’s a new Volkswagen ad in which a child dressed as Darth Vader tries to use “The Force” to control objects in the world. Dad comes home from work and, standing with mom at the kitchen window, sees his child trying to mind-control the family car in the driveway.  The car starts as if […]

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Riots and Occupations: The Fall of the US and the Rise of The Politics of Refusal

If there was an Arab Spring, it has been followed by a US Fall, not simply an autumn of increased political protest and widespread dissatisfactions but also literally, the fall of the US. When some demonstrators decided to sit down on Sept. 17 in Zucotti Park to protest corporate greed and the continued looting of US working people by investors and bankers, a certain North American propensity for indifference, ignorance, obedience was punctuated at last by a multi-racial alliance against a ruling class that sometime around the mid-90’s began its latest assault on global peace and domestic shared prosperity.

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The Summer of Raunch

By Jack Halberstam Did anyone else notice how comedies, I hesitate to call them “romantic,” let’s say “sex comedies,” have become absolutely pornographic nowadays? And I don’t really mean pornographic in a good way, as in “no holds barred, sexy, fun, overturn a few taboos and have a good laugh” pornographic. I mean teenage boy, […]


Frida and Anita

by Tavia Nyong’o Frida & Anita from Liz Rosenfeld on Vimeo. Frida & Anita, the new film by Liz Rosenfeld, had it’s Berlin premiere last night at Moviemento, to a packed house of friends and fans. The 20 minute short, which stars Les Margeaux and Richard Hancock as its respective titular stars, is a queer […]

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Poly Styrene, 1957—2011

By Jayna Brown Poly Styrene died Monday night at the age of 53 of what was originally breast cancer. Going to the GP for back pain, she was told to take some painkillers. So she put up with the pain for a few months, as many of us would do, and when she went in […]

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CESA 2011: Critical Ethnic Studies and the Future of Genocide: Settler Colonialism/Heteropatriarchy/White Supremacy: A Major Conference UC Riverside, March 10-12, 2011

Anatomy of an Anti-Disciplinary Riot By Jack Halberstam 1. Des(s)ert Of The Heart This past weekend in Riverside California, with little edible food close at hand and desert winds blowing in from the East, some 1500 people gathered to scavenge for food, look for shade and discuss new intellectual and political formations loosely associated with […]

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EMP Pop 2011: Where were the Queers?

By Tavia Nyong’o (reblogged from Hear is Queer). The 10th Annual EMP Pop conference wrapped up over the weekend and, against my fears, hosting it at a university didn’t alter the ‘secret recipe sauce’ of journalists, academics, and musicians. Is it me or did we actually gain a new and welcome constituency of students? I […]


Judith Butler’s Letter to NYC LGBT Center

Dear Glennda Testone, I am writing to communicate my outrage and sorrow that our movement has come to this point where it refuses to house an organization that is fighting for social justice.  I was appalled to see the very ignorant and hateful messages that supported your center’s decision to ban Siegebusters from holding an […]


Open Letter to the NYC LGBT Community Center

To Glennda Testone, Executive Director NYC LGBT Center Dear Glennda Testone: . I believe you made a serious mistake in banning the Israeli Apartheid Week event and groups from the Center.  The claims that the groups Siege Busters Working Group and Existence is Resistance are anti-semitic is entirely bogus, based on the notion that all criticism […]

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The Bully Awards, 2010

In fact this was the year of bad parenting as The Kids Are Alright, Toy Story 3, Megamind, Biutiful, Black Swan and Winter’s Bone proved; but at least heterosexual films about bad parenting admit that the whole enterprise is fucked and wrong. The lesbian bad parenting film had to try to salvage something good and meaningful from the failing family unit.