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Occupying Gender in the Singular Plural

By Tavia Nyong’o Call me a sissy, but I’ve never particularly cared for being referred to as cisgender. Still, the work of transgendered activists within Occupy Wall Street has been one of things that keep me optimistic. At a November 13th teach-in at Zuccotti Park, just days before the brutal eviction,  trans activists took over […]

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Darth Vader and Occupy Wall Street: A TwitterEssay by Ira Livingston

1. There’s a new Volkswagen ad in which a child dressed as Darth Vader tries to use “The Force” to control objects in the world. Dad comes home from work and, standing with mom at the kitchen window, sees his child trying to mind-control the family car in the driveway.  The car starts as if […]

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Riots and Occupations: The Fall of the US and the Rise of The Politics of Refusal

If there was an Arab Spring, it has been followed by a US Fall, not simply an autumn of increased political protest and widespread dissatisfactions but also literally, the fall of the US. When some demonstrators decided to sit down on Sept. 17 in Zucotti Park to protest corporate greed and the continued looting of US working people by investors and bankers, a certain North American propensity for indifference, ignorance, obedience was punctuated at last by a multi-racial alliance against a ruling class that sometime around the mid-90’s began its latest assault on global peace and domestic shared prosperity.