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“Self-Portrait 2015” Roderick A. Ferguson University of Illinois, Chicago May 8, 2015

It’s a strange thing to find yourself as a character in the book you just wrote, especially when the book is neither fiction nor autobiography. Those of you who have read The Reorder of Things will recall that I began with a collage by Adrian Piper called “Self-Portrait 2000.” The collage in part “depicts” Piper […]

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It’s the Governance Structure, Stupid

by Lisa Duggan IT’S THE GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE, STUPID Mark Taylor’s NY Times op ed, “End the University As We Know It” borrows its title from the Clintonian call to end welfare entitlements, a significant way station in the process of eroding New Deal social supports.  But to bastardize another Clintonism, Taylor’s op ed inclines me […]