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Lonely Planet

José Quiroga From the onset, lawyers for the plaintiff argued that “Ronell created a false romantic relationship between herself and Reitman and by threat of, among other things, not allowing him to advance his Ph.D., asserted complete domination and control over his life.” The link between this “false romantic relationship” and the domination she exerted […]

Political Rants and Raves

Wedding and Engagement Announcements Welcome!

Please send your wedding and engagement photos and announcements, for Freedom to Marry Our Pets, to  Visit our FtMOP Society Page for currently posted announcements.

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Freedom To Marry Our Pets

Freedom to Marry Our Pets or What’s Wrong with the Gays Today? A Midsummer Blog in E-epistolary Form Dear Lisa- I just walked by some of those kids with binders shucking and jiving for HRC on a NYC sidewalk. “Do you have a moment for gay rights?” “Do you have a minute for gay marriage?” […]