Higher Education

Youth in Revolt

By Tavia Nyong’o

What’s more punk than youth in revolt? Fed up with outrageous cuts to staff and faculty salaries — and an unbelievable 32% hike in tuition at a public university that used to be free (thanks Ronald Reagan) — students recently took over a campus building and re-named it after two Black Panthers who were assassinated at the same spot back in 1969. If that weren’t bad-ass enough, the occupiers put out an audio declaration that boldly proclaimed their unwillingness to issue “demands”. Luckily they recognize that listing acceptable compromises with an unacceptable situation is the first step to a crumbling resistance. Someone’s been reading (or more likely writing?) the Communiqué from an Absent Future.

There is no future in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s dream!

By Tav

Free radical, philosophical dilletante, music completist.

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